Blast wheel technology

Wheelabrator offers a range of shot blast wheels to suit all kinds of shot blasting needs. Whether foundry or forge, shipyard or automotive manufacturer, there is always an option to maximize the blasting performance with a blast wheel from Wheelabrator.

Why are we so confident in our solution?

In order to develop the finest wheelblast technology available today, Wheelabrator rigorously tests all other shot blast wheels on the market and has put in place a continuous research and development program to help develop and sustain our position as market leader.

A wheel for every application

The shot blast wheels featured below present our latest technologies. Other wheels are available to suit many different applications. For further information, please ask your local Wheelabrator contact.



EZX blast wheel

The pioneering EZX model is engineered to help foundries ramp up production while saving time and costs.

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TITAN blast wheel

Explore a multitude of variations with the TITAN Wheel recommended for clean applications such as cleaning steel stock fabrications.

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SATURN blast wheel

Suitable for all heavy duty applications

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Universal blast wheel

Highly flexible, compact, reversible rotation blast wheels

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EZEFIT blast wheel

High performance operation under the toughest conditions

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